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Lunch aboard USS Iwo Jima LHD-7 With the Commanding Officer


Captain Midkiff invited 9 USS IWO JIMA Shipmates to a special luncheon that he hosted in the wareroom of the
USS  IWO JIMA (LHD7) on Wednesday the 24th of August.  Those in attendacne are in the picture above
and are: Capt. John Nawrocki (CO, 01-02), Capt. Robert Teufel (XO (02-04), Capt. Jeff Amick (CO (08-10)
and his son Tyler, Capt. Gerald Golden (MPA/Repair 83-86) George Schmidt (ADMIN (75-77), Joe Brown
(ADMIN 61-62), Bob McAnally (ADMIN 72-75), Nick Barb (AIMD 72-74) and his wife Thresea and John
Cucchiara (COMM 79-83).

This was a very special event from the time of our arrival at the head of the pier 10 where the Command Master
Chief had designated special parking for all of us.  He also provided 5 CPO selectee's to escort us down
the to the ship.  What a special honor and privilege this was.  All of the Capt's were bonged onboard as
only fitting.  When the rest of us started to board the the ship the CPO selectee's gave us a special navy
chant in keeping with navy tradition.

Upon entering the wardroom Capt. Midkiff welcomed us onboard.  The
ship had 9 Master Chiefs in the wardroom from various departments to
share with us about today's navy.  After lunch Capt. Midkiff was given a
special gift (Iwo Jima satin finished Statue of the flag raisers) in
appreciation for hosting such a special event.

We would like too express our appreciation to Captain Midkiff and the
Crew of the USS Iwo Jima (LHD7) and to communicate a BRAVO ZULU
for a job well done!

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