USS Iwo Jima Shipmates

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                  Upcoming Reunion

                                 Previous Reunions

                    2018 - Jacksonville, FL
The PDF's below are for the Registration for the upcoming reunion and the Event schedule.  Registration is required NLT September 10, 2018.

The registration form has 2 pages.  If your printer is able to print doubled sized please put the 2 pages on 1 piece of paper. If your printer does not print a double sized page, and if you  know how to print the front page and put it back into the printer to print the back page please do.  Having one piece of paper with both sides on 1 piece of paper will make the registration
process easier.  Thank you.  
Registration Form                  Event Schedule

The host hotel will be the Doubletree JAX Riverfront $123.17 (inclusive) this includes two (2) free breakfasts and free underground parking.          
                                    Newport News, VA - 2011                    
                            McLean, VA - 2012
                            San Diego, CA - 2013 (Slideshow)
                            Jacksonville, FL - 2014
                            Baton Rouge, LA - 2015 (Pictures)

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